A wonderland of fanciful play

Your kids freely run into a world they only thought possible in their imaginations. Everywhere you look is beautiful, whimsical and fun.  The only question is what to do first:

  • Explore the Ladybug Labyrinth - a giant hedge maze with fun surprises waiting around each turn.
  • Sneak away into a secret Woodland Garden where you'll stumble upon the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.
  • Bee a star at the Toadstool Theatre, where children can strut their stuff dressed up as their favorite bug. Parents should have their cameras ready!
  • Build a boat and race it in the Puddle Bug Boats pool.

Parents can sit back, relax and let their kids be kids in this fantastical land of supersized fun. Just around the bend from the Garden of Fun is Critter Corner, and thousands of stunning spring blooms spread throughout our outdoor gardens.