BiblioBotany Art Exhibit by Lisa Meek at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

BiblioBotany Art Exhibit by Lisa Meek

Cleveland Botanical Garden
May 23 - July 29, 2018
Free with Botanical Garden admission

Nature inspires artists to create works that reflect the beauty of the world around us. Lisa Meek has been inspired to transform the printed page into botanical creations that are striking in their beauty, while challenging viewers to think about their deeper meaning.

The local artist transforms books, cutting their bindings and folding their pages, to create floral blossoms rooted in the words of the author. Each work is painted with a light tint, adding a dimension of color to the work without obscuring the words on the page. For Meek, the flowers are symbolic, reflect the complex social issues facing society – global warming, free trade, genetically modified organisms, etc.

BiblioBotany Art Exhibit