Gateway Garden

A Warm, Green Welcome to You


When you arrive at the Garden, you know right away that you're in a beautiful place where plants matter. Before you even get in the door, a lush and vibrant landscape introduces you to plants and their possibilities. Open 24 hours a day, this richly detailed entry garden is a comfortable resting stop whether you've arrived by foot, by bike, or by bus.  

Garden guests and University Circle neighbors alike find themselves in a 2-acre public plaza at the Garden's front entrance. It's a colorful haven where ornamental trees, shrubs, and hardy perennials provide a buoyant setting. The pronounced seasonal nature of this garden offers brilliant bulbs in spring, eye-popping annuals in summer, and showy fall foliage, berries and bark textures. There’s even a waterfall and a small pond. 
Did you know?
  • Dozens of rare and remarkable specimen trees from the collections of local nurserymen and connoisseurs offer year-round interest.
  • You aren't likely to see finer examples of 'Taylor Sunburst' pine, 'Covey' lavender twist redbud, or 'Hindu' Scots pine (to name just a few) anywhere else in the Midwest.
  • The abstract sculpture 'Sprouting Seeds' by Californian Trey Corliss encourages kids to climb
  • See if you can find the statue of "McDog."



Gateway Potager

Don't Miss

Potager in the Campsey-Stauffer Gateway Garden

Full of plants that are pretty enough to eat (like these Prairie Fire dwarf hot peppers), the tiny Potager Garden sits on Wade Oval.

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