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Naturally inspired art of every kind is on display in the Guren Art Gallery

As intimate as it is inspiring, the Garden’s 2nd floor Guren Art Gallery features regularly changing works by local and national artists in many media. The only common link from exhibit to exhibit is artistic inspiration taken from the botanical and natural worlds. Painting, photography, and occasionally sculpture and nontraditional media forms and even student work, have all been on display here over the years.

Now exhibiting: 

"Trees I have known...and a few shrubs" Guren Gallery Art Exhibit by Karen Koch and Shannon Casey

"Trees I have known...and a few shrubs" by Karen Koch and Shannon Casey

May 21 - July 9
Guren Art Gallery

A walk in the woods, a breath of fresh air – these simple touches with nature become even more essential in our busy lives. Experiencing nature gives us pause to reconnect with ourselves and enjoy beauty that’s often taken for granted. Nothing speaks to that longing more than trees.

Security, strength, comfort, shelter – the list of attributes goes on. Trees evoke memories – the trees we climbed as kids, landmarks from different seasons in our lives and even the bigger structure of the family tree. Trees remind us of where we’ve been -- grounding us and keeping us rooted.

Karen Koch and Shannon Casey have collaborated to create a series of paintings, drawings and mixed-media art that shows trees that have been key in their lives. With trees as landmarks, memories, and a testament to the beauty of the earth, this series expresses their joy in the natural world.

In the mixed media piece “Roots and Roads,” Karen Koch uses maps and stitching to explore the need to know our roots and stay grounded as we evolve. “Starcatcher” by Shannon Casey is a night song in oil with mixed metal leaf that sparkles and shines. “Moonlight, Still Night” evokes the stillness of a full moon with silhouetted trees that frame it.

As they salute their favorite trees (and a few shrubs) and the sometimes humorous stories that go along with them, the viewer is invited to reflect and do the same.