Discover new art in the Garden, and the garden in art

Naturally inspired art of every kind is on display in the Guren Art Gallery

As intimate as it is inspiring, the Garden’s 2nd floor Guren Art Gallery features regularly changing works by local and national artists in many media. The only common link from exhibit to exhibit is artistic inspiration taken from the botanical and natural worlds. Painting, photography, and occasionally sculpture and nontraditional media forms and even student work, have all been on display here over the years.

Now exhibiting:

Visitions of Nature by Laurel Hecht


"Visions of Nature" by Laurel Hecht

Guren Gallery
May 1 - 31

Free with admission

This show of Laurel Hecht's paintings reflects her vibrant, colorful view of nature. Her acrylics, on canvas, board and paper, depict pulsing pink and purple backgrounds; gnarled, intertwining roots and stems; brilliant bouquets and tranquil waterlilies; raindrops and fireflies. Her belief in a symbolic relationship between art and nature is reflected in the vivid representations of flora and fauna through changing seasons. Don't miss your chance to experience Laurel Hecht's unique and compelling vision of nature.