Discover new art in the Garden, and the garden in art

Naturally inspired art of every kind is on display in the Guren Art Gallery

As intimate as it is inspiring, the Garden’s 2nd floor Guren Art Gallery features regularly changing works by local and national artists in many media. The only common link from exhibit to exhibit is artistic inspiration taken from the botanical and natural worlds. Painting, photography, and occasionally sculpture and nontraditional media forms and even student work, have all been on display here over the years.

Now exhibiting: 

"W2 Woods and Water" Guren Gallery Art Exhibit by Pamela Gilliland

"Plantlife Portrayed" by Tom Masaveg

Sept. 1- Oct. 1
Guren Art Gallery

Artist Statement

Having spent years teaching in Ohio forests, I’ve developed a love for nature that I didn’t understand yet growing up in inner-urban Cleveland. As a kid, I enjoyed plants and found them interesting, but now realize that I overlooked so much! It’s my goal to spark and nurture the same fascination I discovered in the woods, for people right here in the city!

In creating this show, I focused on drawing the viewer intimately close to plants by showcasing mysterious botanical characteristics that a person may somehow identify with. These botanical forms correlate with human forms, inviting you to consider the nature of such relationships. The style of portraying each fused subject is meant to stir an emotional impact that inspires you to study plants with a deeper sense of wonder which intrinsically connects us all!

Each piece in this series is torn from my personal sketchbook, mostly drawn in graphite, sometimes accented with white gel pen for highlights and felt pen for black shades. I chose to put these informal sketches on display because they’re my most personal, raw and unpolished form of art. I hope that by exposing the most vulnerable stage of my process, I can reinforce the human presence within each study of Plantlife Portrayed.