Lush and Verdant

You're in Costa Rica's Rainforest

Experience the year-round abundance of life and color that are only possible in a Central American rain forest.

Towering tropical trees, ever-blooming shrubs and exuberant vegetation enfold you, lending a refreshing feel and scent to the air. It’s a pleasure to breathe deeply in here, especially when it’s cold and wintry outdoors.
Small bromeliads, delicate orchids and vines cling to every available surface. Butterflies and tiny jeweled birds flit and dart through the air, while ground doves coo in the underbrush. Up on the canopy walk you look down on a master-craftsmen’s mosaic of gorgeous leaf patterns and blooms bursting above the treetops. Right now you might be thinking, you could just hang your hammock up here and move in! At least you’d have plenty of entertainment – and company!
Did you know
  • Avocado, coffee, papaya and chocolate trees in this room bear fruit on a regular basis.
  • The environment is so “home-like” that many of the bird species will nest, lay eggs and raise generations of young in the Glasshouse.
  • Daily butterfly releases are a highlight of a visit to the Garden.
  • The Fire bush is a magnet for butterflies and nectar-loving birds, rarely out of bloom. 
  • New research on watering orchids with ice cubes. Learn more here. 


Chocolate Tree

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Chocolate Trees in the Costa Rica biome

This real-life source of chocolate contains pods full of cocoa beans.