Girl scout programs

the best place for badge seekers

Girl scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. What better place to do that than the Garden?


Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden
• Paper pots - Get close to a worm bin, visit our different gardens, and select a seed to plant in a pot you make out of recycled paper.

Between Earth and Sky
• Seeds Indeed! - Learn how seeds travel and why some weeds are so dangerous.
• Use Resources Wisely – Transform old piles of paper into new paper to use for crafts and art.

5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals
• Make the world a better place - Find out how important gardens are for birds and make a feeder for your feathery friends.


Brownie Quest
• Make it, Eat it - Explore the interesting places that fruit comes from.  Make a yummy healthy snack and plant herbs for your garden at home.

Wow!  Wonders of Water 
• Recycled Pets - Find out how plants all over the world adapt to changing water levels.  Make a PET to take home with you.

A World of Girls
• Bento stories - Listen to stories about food and learn how to make a bento box for your lunch or snacks!


Agent of Change
• Outdoors in the City - Did you ever wonder how a group of students and leaders can change a vacant lot into a garden?  Visit our Yellow Farm and find out. 
• Outdoor Creativity – Press flowers, tour the grounds and celebrate diversity in the gardens.
• Earth Connections – Learn about ecosystems and become an ecologist for a day, identify trees and plants, and study plant adaptations.

Get Moving
• Explore the energy in a garden and make recycled paper to use for crafts.

• Garden stories - Find out the different garden roles as you explore indoor and outdoor gardens and learn about the people who take care of them.
• Books – Discover the story of the Eleanor Squire Library and see a book published in 1491!


• Scent Sense - Botanical ingredients are an important part of aromatherapy.  Create a scented sachet out of natural garden materials.
• Blare in the Air - Compare the quiet of Madagascar with the watery sounds of Costa Rica, then visit the outdoor gardens to learn how features in landscaping can create a calming area.


Sow What
• Visit our RIPE! Fest in September to get up close with local food experts.  This event has an additional charge.
• Dig Deeper – Identify challenges in various ecosystems for food and make a vegetable planter to take home.


• Sage – Tour our herb garden and learn about the importance of this lovely aromatic herb.
• Toward Justice – Learn how important food is for the community, tour our Yellow House Green Corps farm and lend a hand on our urban farm.