Green Corps

They transform the land and the land transforms them

Green Corps teens learn while turning vacant lots into vibrant urban farms

Green Corps’ mission is to build life, work and leadership skills by employing and educating high school youth (ages 15 to 18) through the practice of sustainable agriculture, place-based learning and community engagement. Each year, Green Corps employs and educates  dozens of teenagers that live within the city to work at one of our six urban learning farms. 
Students interested in earning and learning this summer can fill out a Green Corps application here and submit it by 5 pm on Friday, March 27, 2015.
There are no set criteria for who can apply to Green Corps. This provides an equal opportunity for any youth to work for the program as well as a chance to meet students from other schools around the city. Green Corps student employees have represented many of the schools in Greater Cleveland with the majority of the program participants being students within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. 
Green Corps youth are hired based on the desire and willingness to do physical labor, as well as an ability to demonstrate a sincere interest in learning about gardening, sustainable agriculture and the environment.
Once hired, Green Corps student employees spend the summer working 20 hours per week developing essential work and life skills, plant and agricultural science knowledge and community and environmental stewardship.This is accomplished through practicing public speaking, restoring vacant urban properties, growing food, service learning and many other activities. Through Green Corps’ hands-on learning, students begin to see the relevance of their high school education to the real world. 
You can purchase fresh, organic produce grown by the Green Corps youth at Green Corps Learning Farm Stands and area farmers markets. Click here to view our farm stand schedule.

Salsa in the City

A tasty way for you to support Green Corps

The teens in Green Corps make their own medium and fire-roasted salsa using fresh ingredients they've grown at their learning farms in Cleveland. Your purchase of Ripe from Downtown salsa helps Green Corps students.