Growing Food

Growing Food

Green Corps teens harvest fresh fruits and veggies for their neighbors

Growing and selling food has been one of the cornerstones of the Green Corps program since it began. Each year, Green Corps strives to increase production of healthy, local, organically grown food that can be sold all over Cleveland. We cultivate a wide variety of vegetables, fruit and berries at all of our learning farms, and not just during the summer growing season. 

Inside high tunnels at the Buckeye Woodland Learning Farm, produce is grown over the winter, and seeds are planted for the upcoming season. Beginning in April, seedlings are transplanted out to the farms and cared for by staff and students. 

Once the summer season begins in June, we harvest at each learning farm to then sell our produce at Shaker Square, Cleveland Clinic and Slavic Broadway farmers markets.

Green Corps has expanded opportunities for its fresh produce to reach the homes and plates of many Clevelanders by now accepting EBT, Senior and WIC farmers market nutrition program (FMNP) vouchers.

Using organic methods to cultivate crops, Green Corps has experienced staff members that train and educate all Green Corps students. They learn the latest urban-farming methods so that they can apply these skills and knowledge in the future.