Cleveland Botanical Garden's Green Corps

Growing Youth

Green Corps teens gain farming, business and life skills

In addition to hands-on work experience, Green Corps students are regularly participating in place-based educational lessons, activities, discussions and experiments intended to deepen their understanding in three main areas:  Plant & Agricultural Science, Health & Wellness and Work & Life Skills. 

The educational aspects of the program are meant to supplement the work that students are involved in at each learning farm. For example, while building and maintaining compost systems, student employees are being educated in the biological process that is essential to turn organic material into soil. 
In addition to the place-based learning, our curriculum encourages teens to assume responsibility, interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and serve as role models in their families and community. 
Green Corps students participate in lessons focusing on public speaking and effective communication. Incorporating topics such as this provides them with the skills to serve as ambassadors for the program and allows them to represent their city and communities well. 
Overall, Green Corps is working to create vibrant learning and working opportunities that empower youth with skills for the future. We accept applications for the next session of Green Corps in the first quarter of each year.

Cleveland's Crispest Cucumbers

Green Corps produce can be yours

You can support Green Corps and its teenage urban farmers by buying some of the fresh fruits and they tend to and harvest at five learning farms in Cleveland. They open farm stands each week from May through October.