Farm stands: Important dates

Enjoy fresh produce at Green Corps farm stands from spring through fall

You can enjoy some of Cleveland's best fruits and vegetables thanks to the youth at Green Corps Learning Farms. They sell their harvest every week from spring through fall.

June 3 - October 25, 2013

Midtown Learning Farm
8:00 am - 1:00 pm
East 66th Street and Chester Avenue
(216) 645-7805

Central Learning Farm
2:00 - 5:30 pm
East 46th Street and Quincy Avenue
(216) 645-8975

Slavic Village Learning Farm
2:00 - 5:30 pm
East 55th Street and Fleet Avenue
(216) 645-7818

Fairfax Learning Farm
2:00 - 5:30 pm
East 79th Street between Quincy and Central avenues
(216) 645-7819

Buckeye Learning Farm
2:00 - 5:30 pm
Woodland Avenue and East 114th Street
(216) 630-3091

All proceeds benefit Green Corps       


Farmers Market Appearances

In addition to the farm stands located at the Green Corps Learning Farms, the Green Corps youth also sell fresh produce from the Learning Farms at the following locations:

Broadway Farmers Market
1st and 3rd Monday of the month
4:00 - 7:00 pm
Broadway and Portage Avenues near E. 55th Street

Tremont Farmers Market
4:00 - 7:00 pm
Lincoln Park on W. 14th Street between Starkwater and Kenilworth Avenues

Downtown Farmers Market
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
5th Street Arcades at Public Square

Shaker Square Farmers Market
8:00 am - Noon
Shaker Square at North Moreland Avenue

All proceeds benefit Green Corps