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Buffalo: Final site photos

While most V2V sites have been installed for at least one year, different timelines have kept us from sharing a complete photo gallery of finished sites.  But wait no longer!  Final site photos are here!

Some sites will require minor updates as they evolve over time, but these photos show the most complete sites to date. Now that grass has grown, plants have stabilized and the community has begun to make use of sites, it is due time to share the vibrancy that has come from once-vacant lots.

We start in Buffalo where the PUSH crew has done an amazing job transforming the terrain. You can view the progress and plans that led to the final sites here, and find maps and directions to the sites at this blog post.

Don’t forget the beautiful V2V/PUSH Buffalo nursery and in-depth discussion with west side resident Terry Richard too!

(You can click on each image below to bring up a higher resolution photo.)

41-43 Lawrence Place

The Lawrence Place site adjacent to Massachusetts Ave Park was the most recent site completed in Buffalo. It features a large rain garden up front, multiple picnic tables, a huge handball wall and plenty of gathering space.



608 West Utica Street

The West Utica site has evolved over time, now mostly utilized as an outdoor nursery for additional plants for future PUSH projects. The site slopes down to a rain garden near the front fence, and has retained the mural and some gathering space in the back. 



247 Massachusetts Avenue

The Mass Ave site is proof that a year makes a big difference! Plants and flowers have come in beautifully, especially in the rain garden behind the bench at the front of the site. The staggered fencing creates a little corner lot oasis, with ample gathering space for quiet activities. The corners of the site still feature parking pads that our neighbors really need in this dense neighborhood.


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