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Buffalo: Sites over time and final plans

by Ryan Mackin

Buffalo's V2V sites may be the most diverse of all of the cities. From Lawrence Place's very active parkside lot with handball court, to Utica Street's light green infrastructure overhaul, Vacant to Vibrant will be able to reach many residents throughout Buffalo's west side. Our team members at PUSH Buffalo have been working diligently to get everything completed by this summer, and the majority of site elements have already been constructed and planted.

Once everything is finished, we will share updated photos of all of the installations. Likely full of activity! Until then, check out these "time lapses" and final plans for three more Vacant to Vibrant project sites.

(Please click on any image on this page to enlarge to full resolution.)


Massachusetts Avenue

Massachusetts Avenue site renovation had been planned in the past, but never quite came to fruition. Lying at an important intersection in the PUSH neighborhood, Mass Ave's V2V improvements are truly transformative. The PUSH crew did a great job at construction before winter of 2014, and as plants grow the site will only become better. The use is multi-purpose: gathering, walking through, even light play is possible here. Neighbors on either side of the lot also have an off-street parking spot at the corners of the parcel.


Lawrence Place

V2V's Lawrence Place site is one of the more ambitious installations. Already a cut-thru to access basketball courts and the rest of Massachusetts Avenue Park, this lot will become a proper entrance to neighborhood amenities. But more than an entrance, it will be a separate, distinct destination as well. The main feature will be a handball court that many residents are excited about, gathering space, and of course many plants and trees spread throughout the site's green stormwater infrastructure.

...final images coming soon!


Utica Street

The West Utica Street site was already half-utilized before V2V came to town. Community garden beds, tables and an art installation define the "uphill" half of the site. But on the downhill portion, something more was needed. Rain gardens will collect stormwater on site, in addition to water from the neighbor's downspout. Once everything is planted, this residential corner lot will be fully utilized, and fully beautified.

...plants coming soon!


Final Plans

The design process for all V2V project sites involved a melding of resident interest and use, and stormwater features. The images below provide a sample of the site, stormwater and planting schematics for Buffalo's three V2V sites.

The landscape/site plan at Lawrence Place shows a full concrete handball court at the rear of the site, and GI and planting features toward the street. A play lawn in between can be used by residents for any number of things. 




Much of the stormwater at the Massachusetts Avenue site, in addition to water from adjacent residents' downspouts will be captured in one of two rain gardens before it's able to enter the street and combined sewer system.



The lower portion of the West Utica Street will feature a variety of plants, from Heavy Metal Blue Switch and Dwarf Fountain grasses, to Red-Osier Dogwood bushes and Eastern Redbud trees.




Please revisit the blog in a few months once the Lawrence site is fully constructed!

Download full Landscape/Site Layout, Stormwater and Planting plans for the Lawrence Place V2V site (PDF):

Lawrence Place Final Plans

Download Mass Avenue Stormwater, and Utica Street Planting plans (PDF):

Mass Ave Stormwater Plan  |  Utica Street Planting Plan

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