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Cleveland: Final site photos

These photos show the most complete V2V sites in Cleveland to date. With two active sites and one passive, more natural site, V2V Cleveland has a diversity of site uses for once-vacant lots.

The folks at New Vista Enterprises have done great work in bringing V2V designs to life. Check out the original Cleveland plans here, and find directions to the sites at this blog post.


(You can click on each image below to bring up a higher resolution photo.)


10615 Crestwood Avenue

Crestwood is the most active site in Cleveland with a much loved swing set and a balance beam. To the east there are a couple benches and paved area for community activities, and plenty of grass in the rear of the site for additional play.




10607 Hulda Avenue

Rows of bird houses adorn the passive-use site on Hulda. Throughout each bed is a variety of perennials, with a main rain garden at the rear of the site. The beautiful viewing area up front allows residents to enjoy the site visually without the upkeep inherent to active sites.



10411 Shale Avenue

*Updated photos of the Shale site will be posted here once final updates are completed!*

The natural play area on Shale Avenue features an undulating landscape and multiple plant and rain gardens. Future updates will include more traditional play equipment and benches, per resident request.





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