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Cleveland: Sites over time and final plans

by Ryan Mackin

Cleveland's V2V sites have come a long way since the project's inception, and the parcels have seen many changes well before we began working in the Woodland Hills neighborhood. We look forward to the new grass, plants and flowers that will begin to beautify each site in the months to come, and we'll share more photographs once everything is fully vibrant.

The "time-lapses" below help to illustrate the changes each project location has undergone. From peak residency of the mid-20th century, to demolition and unmanaged vacancy, to the V2V design-build, the pictures really speak for themselves.

(Please click on any image on this page to enlarge to full resolution.)


Crestwood Avenue

Tucked between two occupied residences, and adjacent to CMHA housing on Woodland Avenue to the north, the Crestwood site has gone from a thicket of wild grass to an active pocket park for Crestwood's young kids.



Hulda Avenue

The residents of Hulda helped to design a more passive site where residents can take in the natural beauty of rain garden plants and hopefully a slew of birds to fill all of those birdhouses!



Shale Avenue

With a natural play area, the Shale site will be more unique than any other V2V location. Vacancies to the north and west show potential in further greening. The curbside bioretention feature should also be impressive once plants mature.



Final Plans

The design process for all V2V project sites was quite expansive and involved. A multi-layered approach was necessary to design for both stormwater and resident use. The images below show a sample of the plans each site had, including landscape, site, stormwater and planting schematics.

Shale's landscape site plan for a natural play area balances rain gardens between rolling play mounds. A climbing tree cut from a dead tree on site lies at the center, with reused tire benches surrounding. The back of the lot opens up to a large patch of grass for whatever play the imagination can think of.








Hulda's stormwater plan shows a huge drainage area that conveys water to a rear rain garden, with additional stormwater flow coming from future downspout disconnects. A secondary drainage area handles the stormwater at the front of the site near the sidewalk and concrete viewing area. In between, birdhouses and additional plant beds bring the site together.







Surrounding Crestwood's play features are a mixture of grasses, bushes and flowers that will add more life to the area once grown. Dward Fountain Grass is located closer to the street while Heavy Metal Blue Switch Grass was planned further back. Rose of Sharon will fill up the space at the far end of the parcel, and Blackberry bushes add some diversity closer to the sidewalk. Daylillies and Black-Eyed Susans were planned for additional infill. The play lawn looks like it's growing fast now in late April!







Please revisit the blog in a few months once the parcels really come into their own!


Download full Landscape, Site Layout, Stormwater, and Planting plans of each Cleveland V2V site here (PDF):

Shale Avenue  |  Hulda Avenue  |  Crestwood Avenue


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