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Construction underway!

Progress is being made in all of the Vacant to Vibrant project cities as construction and demolition crews turn vacant parcels into beautiful spaces for people and plants. Check out these construction updates and photos for Buffalo, Gary and Cleveland!



PUSH Buffalo’s internal construction crew started digging and planting this fall at 608 West Utica Street. This location features a new Vacant to Vibrant rain garden and existing community garden and picnic tables. Next up was the full renovation at 247 Massachusetts Avenue (shown below). PUSH’s crew worked diligently to install new fencing, plant trees, seed grass and of course, install rain gardens and native plants. The last Vacant to Vibrant site at 41-43 Lawrence Place adjacent to the Massachusetts Ave public park will be Buffalo's final V2V installation. In addition to its green infrastructure, features like a sports court and picnic area will give new life to this once vacant site.


Vacant to Vibrant lot at 247 Massachusetts Avenue right after completion of construction.

Guys from the PUSH crew sit back and admire their hard work.



Before the renovation of landscapes begins in Gary’s Aetna neighborhood, contractors for the federal Hardest Hit program are working to demolish two vacant structures. After demolition, V2V green infrastructure improvements will really live up to the Vacant to Vibrant name and ideal! Shown below is the demolition of the vacant house at 1200 Oklahoma Street—a house that has stood vacant for over 15 years. Demolition of 1035 Oklahoma is in progress and green infrastructure plans will be implemented on all sites soon after, including one already-vacant parcel on Dakota Street.


Tearing down the house!  Federal Hardest Hit contractors demolish an old vacancy at 1200 Oklahoma Street.

Side view of demolition at 1200 Oklahoma Street.



New Vista Enterprises, whose headquarters is within walking distance to the V2V sites in Cleveland’s Woodland Hills neighborhood, is currently working to finish construction. Sites at 10607 Hulda and 10615 Crestwood Avenue have a variety of new plantings in rain gardens and beds, as well as artisan concrete paving. The third V2V installation at 10411 Shale Avenue will begin soon and will feature a natural play area with unique elevation elements.


Current construction at the Crestwood Avenue site in Woodland Hills.








Construction at Hulda Avenue.








Preparing the Shale Avenue site for imminent renovations.


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