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Construction update

Fall construction of Vacant to Vibrant sites is nearing completion! Below are updated photos from our Cleveland sites. Progress since the last construction update includes a significant amount of work on the entire Shale Avenue site, curbside bioretention features on Shale and Crestwood Avenue, some sidewalk re-establishment, and fencing at all locations.

A land survey prior to construction allowed us to settle property line disputes and ensured that we were not encroaching on private property. An unfortunate surprise was that dumping and debris toward the rear of one of the lots, which we and neighbors believed belonged to another property owner, were discovered to be on our parcel. The good news is that we can now facilitate its removal; we will return in the spring, after demolition of one of the rear houses, to deconstruct a partial brick chimney and remove tires and construction debris.

Our work outdoors will slow down with winter fast approaching, and finishing touches will be made starting in March. Swings and play equipment, curb cuts and possible fence painting are some of the additions we are looking forward to in the Spring!

In Gary, demolition of all Hardest Hit abandoned homes will be completed this week and the newly vacant land will be ready for Vacant to Vibrant installation. In Buffalo, two of three V2V installations are complete, and construction on the third and final site will be finalized in early Spring 2015.



Freshly paved sidewalk on Crestwood Avenue (left). New wood fence on Crestwood Avenue, and poles in place for metal fencing (right).



Recently installed wood fencing that lines the eastern side of the property on the Hulda Avenue site.



Digging curbside bioretention basins on Shale Avenue (left). Completed curbside installations on Shale Avenue (right).


Site preparation on Shale Avenue in October, view from rear (left). Shale Avenue lot seeded and near completion in November, view from front (right).


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