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Gary: Final site photos

These photos show the most complete V2V sites to date in Gary. Two of the sites were Hardest Hit demolition locations, demonstrating a quick move from vacancy to vibrancy. Finishing touches like the installation of V2V project signs will be added very soon!

Gayle and her team at Blade Cutters II have done an extraordinary job constructing this vibrancy in Gary's Aetna community. Please check out additional Gary construction photos, Aetna design plans, and our resident Q&A with Camille Clayton too!


(You can click on each image below to bring up a higher resolution photo.)


1035 Oklahoma Street

A vacant house stood on this site in the middle of Oklahoma Street less than two years ago. Some cement was retained for general community use, as was the decorative brick wall that creates a little urban oasis. Plants in the central rain garden are looking healthy and ready to mitigate rain water! The back of the site may connect to future development on Aetna Street--the neighborhood's main corridor.


1200 Oklahoma Street

This site on the corner of 12th and Oklahoma serves as a gateway to the neighborhood and display of future green redevelopment potential. Also a Hardest Hit site where a vacant house stood less than two years ago, the A-E-T-N-A signage let's you know where you are and hopes to give residents a sense of pride in their community.


1252 Dakota Street

This is Gary V2V's more active site, with a wide open play lawn, and green infrastructure at both the front and rear of the lot. Tall bat houses line the main rain garden in the rear, while an additional rain garden up front adds to curb appeal.



 Many thanks to our team member Deb Backhus in Gary for taking these photos!



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