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Gary: Finished V2V Sites in Aetna

Banner photo:  Brenda and the Urban Conservation Team, and Gayle and the Blade Cutters Crew gear up for the installation.

Construction on Vacant to Vibrant sites in Gary wrapped up this Fall and the sites look outstanding! Gayle van Sessen and her Blade Cutters Landscaping crew did a remarkable job on the vacant lot GI improvements.  Here's a look at each site.

You can click on each photo to link to a higher resolution image.

1035 Oklahoma Street

This installation was one of two Hardest Hit sites where greening immediately followed the demolition of a vacant house. The brick wall surrounding the property remains intact, as does impervious surface that drains to the new rain gardens. This V2V site provides ample opportunity for community gathering and light recreation, and will hopefully connect to Aetna Street renovations in the future.





1200 Oklahoma Street

1200 Oklahoma is another post-Hardest Hit GI installation. On this corner, a house stood vacant for well over a decade, and within months has become a source of pride for the Aetna community instead of an eyesore. A-E-T-N-A signs serve as a welcome to and branding of the neighborhood, as rain gardens run laterally along each sign.



















1252 Dakota Street

The third V2V site in Gary was a vacant lot in the western end of Aetna. Modifications include front and rear green infrastructure as well as bat houses. The green space in the middle of the site can be used in a variety of ways by the tight-knit residents in this part of the community.














You can find the design plans and original site photos of Aetna V2V sites here.

Thank you again to Gayle and Blade Cutters for doing excellent work and providing a photo journal of the sites' progress!


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