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Gary: Sites over time and final plans

by Ryan Mackin

Installation of Gary's V2V sites is slated for this summer. Soon the plans and renderings below will become real assets in the Aetna community--and we couldn't be more excited! Because we coordinated with the Federal Hardest Hit program, there have been a few extra steps in the process. Once built, however, these sites will truly exemplify the Vacant to Vibrant transformation.

Once everything is constructed, we will share updated photos of the installations. Until then, check out these "time lapses" and final plans for three more Vacant to Vibrant project sites.

(Please click on any image on this page to enlarge to full resolution.)


1035 Oklahoma

Once a partially burned out structure, this recently demolished house will no longer be a scar on a great Aetna Street. Soon residents will be able to gather on this semi-active lot, to enjoy nature, friends and family. By collaborating on the Hardest Hit demolition specifications, we were able to preserve wall structures and hard surfaces that were incorporated into the final design. image coming soon!


1252 Dakota

This lot in the middle of Dakota Street will be a general active-use space, with a curbside bioretention feature. Just one block over from Montana Street where vacancy is approaching 100%, we hope this lot will help to stabilize the street and avoid the regressive fate of its neighbor. image coming soon!


1200 Oklahoma

1200 Oklahoma Street is a "gateway" site where residents requested a way to show pride in their neighborhood. Situated on the corner of Oklahoma & 12th Street, the location is both highly-visible and a cornerstone of an intimate community. The hallmark non-environmental design feature is signage that will welcome you to A-E-T-N-A. Residents are happy that the house that stood vacant on site for upwards of 20 years is now gone and the lot is becoming beautified. image coming soon!


Finals Plans

Below are the final plans for Gary's sites, touched up from post-demolition surveys. Like all V2V sites, they all implore a balance or residential use and stormwater function.The images below show a sample of the plans each site had, including landscape, site, stormwater and planting schematics. You can find the full PDF plans for each site at the bottom of this page.

1035 Oklahoma's landscape site plan with post-demolition reuse and gathering space.





1252 Dakota's stormwater plan features a full-scale curbside bioretention installation and additional rain garden at the rear of the parcel.





1200 Oklahoma's planting plan includes Switch and Dwarf Fountain grasses, Virginia Sweetspire and Inkberry Holly, and Tulip Poplar and Pawpaw trees.




Please revisit the blog in a few months once the parcels are fully constructed!


Download full Landscape, Site Layout, Stormwater, and Planting plans for each of the Gary V2V sites (PDF):

1035 Oklahoma  |  1252 Dakota  |  1200 Oklahoma


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