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Site Signage

by Ryan Mackin

Project signs at Vacant to Vibrant sites are an important tool used to explain the objectives of the project to residents and visitors. Much of the story that V2V has to tell is not visible to the naked eye. Signage at each site helps to educate residents on the concept and application of green infrastructure and its relationship to Great Lakes health. The diagram illustrates the connection to our regional ecosystem and the ways that V2V sites relate directly to this larger context. In the side bar, the specific story of V2V is told, and all project partners who made the sites possible are highlighted. Last, the signs include a contact email to encourage further communication and feedback, as well as a camera dock for consistent site photos over time.

The project sign above will be installed at the three V2V sites in Buffalo, NY.



For Cleveland signs, historic photos showing construction and demolition dates serve to connect each site to its past. Pictured above are historic photos of Crestwood Ave, Hulda Ave and Shale Ave homes taken in the 1950s.



Like Cleveland, signs in Gary incorporate "before" photographs, in this case the more recent past. These photos clearly illustrate the site and neighborhood's move from vacancy to vibrancy. Pictured above are the vacant homes that stood at 1035 and 1200 Oklahoma before Hardest Hit demolition took place at the end of 2014, as well as the vacant lot on Dakota before renovation.


In addition to project signs, code of conduct signage was been requested by residents in the Woodland Hills neighborhood in Cleveland. These smaller signs are located at more "active" sites where play is welcome and encouraged. By posting standard rules and pocket park hours, we hope to mitigate some unruly behavior and set socially enforceable standards that neighbors can reference as necessary.






A freshly installed V2V sign on Hulda Ave in Cleveland (left), and samples of project signs from Cleveland (top right) and Gary (bottom right). 




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