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Soil Moisture and Weather Monitoring

by Ryan Mackin & Joseph Koonce

With all monitoring equipment in place, data are being collected in order to examine how Vacant to Vibrant rain gardens perform during wet weather events. Soil moisture stations monitor rain gardens in each city, in addition to a control parcel. Local weather data is also monitored in each city, close to the experimental rain garden sites.


Soil Moisture monitoring

Activity is monitored in V2V rain gardens and control sites via 3 soil moisture probes and one soil temperature probe per setup. Soil moisture probes are positioned horizontally within the rain garden at depths of 3cm, 10cm and 20cm. Cables connect to the data logger a few feet away and data sets are transmitted cellularly every 4 hours. Data points are recorded every 5 minutes using 1-minute averages for both soil moisture and weather data.



Weather Stations

Weather conditions are monitored in close proximity to V2V sites in order to accurately correlate local weather data with soil data. The weather station measures rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, and wind gust speed and average speed.


Installation and Data Access

Monitoring equipment was installed in the three project cities during Spring 2016 and data will be recorded and analyzed until around the end of the year, if not longer. Due to the constant data stream, any possible tampering or technical malfunction will be made known almost instantly. Though only weather station information may have value to the general public, all data can be accessed below:

List of Equipment Locations and Data Access links

Weather Stations
Gary Weather Station – Aetna   Access Data
Buffalo Weather Station – West Side   Access Data
Cleveland Weather Station – Woodland Hills   Access Data

Gary Rain Gardens (Soil Moisture Data)
1035 Oklahoma St   Access Data
1200 Oklahoma St   Access Data
1252 Dakota St   Access Data
910 Idaho St (Control)   Access Data

Buffalo Rain Gardens (Soil Moisture Data)

247 Massachusetts Ave   Access Data
41-43 Lawrence Place   Access Data
608 W Utica St   Access Data
52 Lawrence Place (Control)   Access Data

Cleveland Rain Gardens (Soil Moisture Data)
10607 Hulda Ave   Access Data

*Additional data loggers are located in the ground and their data cannot be accessed remotely.


Future monitoring posts will feature hard data and analysis as we learn more about how the rain gardens are performing, so stay tuned!



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