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Technical monitoring information [updated 7-21-16]

Our volunteer extraordinaire Joe Koonce has spearheaded much of Vacant to Vibrant's technical soil moisture and weather monitoring calibration and data analysis. Joe’s blog serves as a repository for technical V2V findings and is constantly being updated with the latest discoveries.

This V2V blog page will be updated as significant info on data processing and analysis is shared, in order to keep everything technical contained in one location.

Past entries on Joe’s blog include details on equipment setup and status, soil moisture and precipitation patterns, variability, diurnal variation, temperature, and losses due to infiltration, evaporation and evapotranspiration.

[7-21-2016 update]

What are the relative contributions of the primary drivers to patterns of variation of soil moisture?


This blog post analyzes the data collected at Gary V2V sites thus far. Most of Gary’s soils are generally sandy in nature though we are still seeing relatively significant impacts on infiltration at our treatment sites. Please click on the link above or graphic below for more technical information.
















This figure compares the relation between soil moisture increment and rate of decline at four Aetna parcels.



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