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Broaden your plant knowledge while working with resources you take back to your own classroom. Our activities demonstrate how advanced concepts can be simplified into grade-level appropriate lessons that are sure to enhance student learning. You will participate in hands-on, standards-based training to increase your comfort level in teaching a diverse range of topics. Many workshops include the materials and resources to make these activities part of your science curriculum. You will tour our gardens and Glasshouse, and can earn graduate credit, all while having a great time. Don’t see a topic of interest listed? We’ll create training just for your group! For more information, call Sharon Graper at 440-602-3843 or

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Holden Forests & Gardens Professional Development for Educators:

Growing Up Wild: Exploring Nature with Young Children - A Workshop for Educators

Both formal and non-formal educators are encouraged to attend this workshop which is Project WILD's early childhood education curriculum. This curriculum builds on the learning styles and interests of young children (ages 3 to 7) to foster an interest and appreciation of wildlife and the natural world around them. A variety of activities build positive impressions of nature while aiding children's cognitive growth and development. This workshop is designed for anyone who works with young children and wants to teach youngsters about wildlife conservation using fun activities. Take part in the activities and leave with a copy of the curriculum. Stay afterwards and enjoy the garden’s summer exhibit Nature Connects: A Lego Brick Experience where you will see all kinds of fabulous giant animals and plants made out of Lego bricks by artist Sean Kenney. SUTQ Approved

Date: Thursday, June 15, 2017
Time: 9am – Noon
Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden – 11030 East Blvd., Cleveland
Cost: $10, which covers admission and refreshments – the curriculum is provided free of charge by Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife

Climate Change: The Science and the Connections Between Your Community and Your Classroom

Climate change is all over the news. What does it mean to you in the classroom? Are you comfortable explaining what it is and what is isn't? Join Holden Forests & Gardens, Lake Erie Nature & Science Center and The Curriculum Department at the Bay Village Schools for a 3 day workshop on Climate Change. Learn the science behind climate change first-hand from local scientists. Visit several locations to see how it is impacting our local communities; the beaches on Lake Erie, the forests of the Holden Arboretum and the urban landscape of Cleveland Botanical Garden. Find out how to incorporate these concepts into your classroom and see how it applies to the standards. Take part in hands-on activities that bring the concepts to life in your classroom and leave with resources to help you weave it seamlessly into your curriculum. Become a Climate Change Fellow and take part in our planned ongoing educational lectures and support through the 2017-18 school year.

Date: July 25, 27 and Aug. 1
Time: 9am - 3pm
Location: The Holden Arboretum, Lake Erie Nature and Science Center and Cleveland Botanical Garden
Cost: $150
Graduate Credit will be available for an additional fee.

Greening Your Classroom at the Garden – Incorporating Plants into the Elementary Classroom

This three day workshop will introduce you to all the great ways you can seamlessly incorporate plants into your classroom. The standards are full of concepts that utilize plants and you don’t have to have a green thumb to teach them. Kids love plants, seeds, flowers, fruits and digging in the dirt. From the needs of living things and life cycles to growth and interdependence, plants allow you to cover alot of territory. Participate first-hand in the many interdisciplinary ways to teach science, math and literacy concepts. You will also get an introduction to the highly regarded Veggie U curriculum from the Veggie-U team based in Oberlin that uses an indoor classroom garden to address science and nutrition concepts. Visit a local garden and get a cooking lesson that is classroom-friendly from a local chef. The resources you leave with will allow you to go back to your classroom and get started.

Date: June 27, 28 and 29
Time: 9am -3pm
Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden
Cost: $150
Graduate Credit will be available for an additional fee.


Register for all of these online or by calling 440.602.3833.Contact Sharon Graper, Manger of Academics, at 440.602.3843 with any questions.