Cleveland Botanical Garden Presents Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks

Nature Connects Sculptures

Creations by Sean Kenney

At the heart of Nature Connects are the 13 amazing sculptures made of our LEGO® bricks depicting plants and animals, all individually built by artist Sean Kenney.

Why LEGO® bricks? What other medium could better connect guests to the amazing, vital and delicate building blocks and connective relationships that make up our natural world?

More than 450,000 bricks total were used to create these stunningly life-like sculptures, many of which weigh hundreds of pounds! From the majestic monarch butterfly to the larger-than-life tortoise, everyone in the family will be sure to have their favorite sculpture.

About the Artist

Sean Kenney is a man who spent so much time playing with LEGO toys growing up that he decided he might as well make a career of it! For over 30 years, Sean has been turning ordinary LEGO bricks into sculpture and has created pieces for television, celebrities, tourist attractions, galleries, museums and companies like Google, Mazda, Nintendo, JP Morgan, Chase and Samsung. He and his work have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC News, ELLE, Good Morning America and numerous documentaries and retrospectives about LEGO bricks, including a full-length documentary about Sean himself. He is the author of the bestselling Cool Cars and Trucks and also runs, the world’s largest LEGO fan community.