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GLOW 2018 Theme for Tree Decorating

The theme selected by clubs with voting on Affiliates @ GLOW Day was the Nostalgia theme. It’s been tweaked such that our GLOW 2018 theme is: Days of Yore…Remember when?

The nostalgia we enjoyed in days of yore is remembered in our December holidays (December1 –December 31). With this in mind, focus on a memory, a year, a time, an era that evokes an answer to the question “Remember when?” Your ideas may be based on what happened in your childhood, or not; in Cleveland or someplace locally, or it could be the collective memories of our nation or the world. Just a note: ideas or themes used in the last three (3) years will not be allowed….dig deeper!

Again, you are asked to include recycled/upcycled items in your decorations (NOTE: this was a HUGE hit during GLOW 2017!). However, this year you are asked to include a sign (or signage) that is an ornament (REMEMBER NO ITEMS ON THE FLOOR!) This (these) sign(s) should educate visitors/members as to what was used, how it was used, and/or why it was used in your decorations. These were the questions asked repeatedly during GLOW 2017.This will make GLOW 2018 bigger, brighter, and more educational!

Remember, the number of the sized trees is limited! The 10’ trees are committed quickly. Also, there are four (4) wreaths that need decorating too; these are ideal for the smaller clubs that feel a tree is too great a commitment for them. If you have any questions or wish to commit your club to decorating a tree, contact Kevin Borowiak at 216-744-4866 or We will post updated club sign-ups on our webpage Affiliate Bulletin Board.

Last, Kevin’s motto: your imagination is the defined limit of your creativity still rules!!!

Here’s to a great GLOW 2018!