Greater Cleveland Orchid Society Programs

Saturday and Sunday, February 14-15
1:00 & 2:00pm

Guided Walking Tours Saturday at 1:30 and 2:30pm

All weekend orchid programs are free with Garden admission, no registration required.
1 pm                    
Orchid Doctor. Presented by Mark J. Druckenbrod
What is an orchid? Why are they so special? How do I grow them and bloom beautiful flowers? The answers are easy. The orchid doctor will explain how to water, fertilize,re-pot and care for your orchids. Feel free to bring a “troubled” orchid if you want a diagnosis from the Doctor.
1:30 pm & 2:30 pm
Private Guided Walking Tour of the Show. led by Robert Petersen
Join orchid specialist Bob Petersen on a walking tour of the Orchid Show.  Bob will lead a small group of orchid enthusiasts through the show and point out some of the more unique orchids in bloom and share fascinating stories about these rare jungle treasures.  Bob will answer your orchid questions and help you decide on the best orchids for success in your home or greenhouse.
2 pm                    
Getting your Phalaenopsis to Rebloom. Presented by Tom Peckis
Admit it.  Your window sill is full of Phalaenopsis orchids (commonly called the moth orchid) and they just don’t seem to bloom.  We have the answer!  Orchid expert Tom Peckis will explain simple cultural techniques that will ensure success and abundant bloom in the future


1 pm                 
Potting and Dividing Orchids. Presented by Frank Feysa
The absolute secret to orchid success is when and how to repot your orchids. Healthy roots equal abundant blooms! Master grower and accredited American Orchid Society Judge Frank Feysa will share his expertise and demonstrate repotting techniques for growing beautiful orchids.
2 pm                 
Orchids of World Famous Longwood Gardens. Slide Show Presented by Glenn Sobola
Longwood Gardens is the premier horticultural destination in the United States.  Each spring orchid specialist Glenn Sobola travels to this mecca to study and photograph the DuPont Orchid Collection at Longwood.  In addition, Glenn will also show highlights of the nation’s oldest and largest flower show, the acclaimed Philadelphia Flower Show.Glenn is a marvelous photographer and has the stories to match. 
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