Ikebana Plant

Ikebana International Show, Cleveland Chapter 20

Saturday, October 20
and Sunday, October 21

If you appreciate beauty in all its forms, you will enjoy this exhibit of masterful flower arrangements representing the Ikenobo, Ohara and Sogetsu schools of Ikebana.

Ikebana is an ancient Japanese art that involves arranging flowers to conform to certain principles of harmony, balance and beauty. Practitioners receive formal training at one of several schools in Japan or through masters of the art who live all over the world. Inpsired by the art form while stationed in Japan with her husband, a United States Army general, Ellen Gorden Allen founded Ikebana International in 1956.

Today, Ikebana International has 86 chapters and study groups in 40 countries. The late Lucille Wunderly, a local Ikebana arranger, started Cleveland Chapter 20 of Ikebana International with a group of friends. One of the group's notable achievements was the dedication of the Japanese Garden at Cleveland Botanical Garden in 1975. It was designed by Cleveland-born designer David Slawson, a notable designer of Japanese gardens.

Free with Garden admission.

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