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Orchid Mania

An exotic and alluring encounter


February 1 - March 9

Tuesdays, Thursdays - Saturdays · 10am-5pm
Wednesdays · 10am-9pm
Sundays · Noon-5pm
Closed Mondays



FREE For Garden Members
Free for children ages 2 and under
$11/nonmember adult; $6/non-member child (3 - 12)

Orchid Mania - the Garden's most fragrant and fanciful plant show - will awaken you from your winter doldrums and arouse your senses with magnificent orchids of every size, scent, shape and vibrant color.

Share a dance with a dancing lady Oncidium. Slip away with a slipper orchid. Bark back at a bulldog orchid. Even let yourself indulge in the heavenly scent wafting from a chocolate orchid. Perhaps more than any other variety of flower, orchids live up to their long-standing association with luxury, opulence and sensuality. Don’t let their reputation fool you, though. Orchids can be admired by anyone with an appreciation for beauty, not just avid orchid growers and dedicated gardeners.

With stunning hues and ensnaring aromas filling every corner, you'll want to make sure you head to the Garden to experience Cleveland's favorite tropical escape.

Don't miss these highlights:

Garden members can literally take the show home with them at a special members-only orchid sale at Orchid Mania's conclusion on Sunday, March 9. Become a member today to receive this exclusive benefit!

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Orchid Mania Tickets

  • $11/non-member adult
  • $6/non-member child
  • FREE for Garden members

Orchid Mania Schedule

Saturday, February 1 - Sunday, March 9

Tuesdays, Thursdays - Saturdays · 10am - 5pm
Wednesdays · 10am - 9pm
Sundays · Noon - 5pm

Closed Mondays

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