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Your Cell Phone Is Your Guide

Garden Guide Smartphone Tours

Holden Forests and Garden’s mobile education tool is stocked with thought-provoking self-guided tours at each campus, each equipped with videos, audio clips, useful resources and more! Tours change seasonally so be sure to visit often to try out each tour.

Scan the QR code below or Use this link to access our Guide by Cell program with your smart phone web browser.

Current Tours:

  • Forests Around the World – Explore the importance of forests around the world through trees found throughout the gardens. Forests beautify our communities, increase global biodiversity, support wildlife, uphold economics, support human livelihoods, and sustain Northeast Ohio’s communities. Keep an eye-out for Forests Around the World signs to learn more.
  • Handmaking with Herbs – The plant world impacts many parts of our lives, but have you ever sat back and thought about all the ways we use plants each day? Take a stroll through the Herb Garden and look for these tour stops to learn more about culinary, medicinal, artistic, and other uses for herbs you can grow in your own garden. Each stop features a DIY recipe or project to try out yourself.
  • Explore the Rose Garden – Check out these stops throughout the Rose Garden to learn more about the plants grown here. Featuring an exclusive Q&A with Rose Garden Horticulturalist Deyampert Giles.