Green Corps

Through our Green Corps program, Holden Forests & Gardens has provided more than 1,000 Cleveland youth the opportunity to learn about agriculture through urban farming. Nearly 50 youth participated in Green Corps’ 23rd growing season in 2019, spread across four urban farms located in the Buckeye, Fairfax, Midtown and Slavic Village neighborhoods of Cleveland. Green Corps youth develop skills in employment, leadership communication, and healthy living that will serve them in their future career and life paths.

The landscape of urban agriculture and community needs is ever-changing, and there are now a wide range of programs run by public gardens, restaurants, and other agencies locally and nationally. As we look to the future of community engagement by Holden Forests & Gardens, we are pausing Green Corps program operations in 2020 in order to thoughtfully focus on, plan, and implement an updated direction for the program.

During this planning process, we look forward to working with a wide range of stakeholders to reimagine Green Corps. Holden Forests & Gardens’ goal is to launch a reimagined program that is relevant and meaningful to the community for years to come—one that continues to serve Cleveland youth and expands to embrace new audiences and meet new community needs.

We will update this page periodically with updates and future opportunities for engagement in in Green Corps. Stay tuned for future announcements!